21st May “Let’s play at the park”

We organize monthly multicultural parenting support events, hosted by Toyota City. This time we did the second […]

January Online Class Theme: New Year

Theme: New year Bunpappa’s New Year’s tradition is “fukuwarai. Fukurarai is a fun game that […]

October Online Class Theme: Halloween

Theme: Halloween Speaking of October, it’s Halloween.We did Bunpappa’s annual Halloween dance.Ever […]

September Online Class Theme “Family”

This is our first theme. Dad, Mom, there are many other ways to say… ♪Caterpillar came out of the inside […]

March Online Lesson Theme “Flower”

Theme Flower🌼 It’s getting warmer and warmer. Various flowers have begun to bloom. We made tulips with o […]

February Online Lesson Theme “Snow”

Theme “Snow❄️” White, clammy, fluffy. What is this? Yes! Snow. Have you ever seen snow? In Februar […]