October Class Theme ”Halloween”

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It is a pleasant time of year to go out.

Let’s go to a Halloween party!

Pumpkins and ghost lanterns.

We made them out of plastic bottles.

In America, a green pumpkin is not called a pumpkin. 

It’s interesting to hear how different each country is.

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This is another Halloween play.

First, a quiz…

Big pumpkins, little pumpkins,

Orange pumpkins, white pumpkins.

There are many kinds of pumpkins!

Next, let’s make a balancing game out of paper!

Draw pictures freely and pile them up high.

Can you put them on without falling off?


Then we made lanterns out of plastic bottles.

When you fill it with water and shine a torch from below… the light spreads!

This lantern is useful when the power goes out.

Try making one from plastic bottles you have at home.

When we put milk in it, the light got softer!


Feel free to join us.

See you in November!!




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