“How nice if there is a place where small kids and parents of many nationalities can get together casually!”

“For small kids, we believe that the best way to learn the basics of language is by having fun, not by studying.”

Our Japanese class is not only focusing on the language, but also growing curiosity, challenging spirit, and imagination.

These thoughts are where our class began.
Bunpappa started a small step to create a place where parents and small kids with different backgrounds support and motivate each other.


Organization overview

Name of organizationBUNPAPPA
LocationChiryu city, Aichi, Japan
RepresentativeEiko Adachi
EstablishedAugust 2020
ActivitiesJapanese class for kids and parents

Activities history

January 2017

Established a volunteer group “AIUEO”.

Held international understanding development workshops for small kids in Aichi with the members came back from the JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. Provided the experience of different countries by food, music, fashion etc. to “feel the world closely”.

July 2019

Started Japanese class for baby and kids, once a week in Toyota city.

Started Japanese class for baby and kids, once a week at TIA(Toyota International Association).
Held classes for 26 times in a year, and more than 200 parents and kids(11 countries) attended the class.
From April 2020, due to the spread of Covid-19 infection, classes were switched to online and continued once a week.

August 2020

Established General Incorporated Association “BUNPAPPA”

April 2021
FY2021 Multicultural parenting support project commissioned by Aichi Prefecture.

April 2022
FY2022 Multicultural parenting support project commissioned by Toyota city.


Create a society where everyone, regardless of their birth environment,
can live in peace and make their own choices with more options in life.

Our Name

“BUNPAPPA” was named by 1year-old daughter at the time.
It was difficult to come up with a name for the organisation that would describe what we wanted to do in one word.
One day I asked my daughter, “What do you think?” and she said “BUNPAPPA”.

Even babies who can’t speak yet can vocalise easily “BUNPAPPA”, and love the sound of fun.

Furthermore, the future is an era of creating new meanings without being bound by existing meanings and values. I thought it would be good to use “BUNPAPPA”, which has no fixed meaning, as our organization name and create its meaning as we work.