“What makes you happy? Let’s make a picture book!”

On November 26th, we held the event “What makes you happy? Let’s make a picture book!” at the Toyota International Association (TIA) as a part of the Forum for the Convention on the Rights of the Child 2023 in Toyota.

From the preparations, lots of kids were actively involved. They designed cute boards and naturally guided the visitors. Thanks to them, our space filled with a warm atmosphere.

In the end, 62 people came to play. At the venue, children aged 0-10 expressed their “happiness” through drawings.

Some children were absorbed in drawing, while adults watched over them, and some children enjoyed drawing with their parents. The joy of expression created a chain reaction, with each “happy” drawing lining up one after another, filling the surroundings with smiles.

“I had fun using the paint!”

“Our baby drew a picture for the first time!”

“I discovered unexpected things by learning about the children’s ‘happy’ moments.”…etc.

We received many happy comments.

Then, there were story times that were very popular♪

The children also came forward and livened it up!

With the hope of creating a society where everyone can express their feelings safely, regardless of language or age, we compiled the gathered drawings into one movie (an online picture book).

Please take a look at it as well.