August Online Lesson Theme “Summer”

Theme “Summer” This summer was a bit rainy, wasn’t it?So there were many times when it felt cooler […]

July Online Lesson Theme “Star”

July 7th is Tanabata in Japan. People write their wishes on strips of paper and hang them from bamboo branches […]

June Online class Them “Rain”

Do you like rain? I wish it would be sunny on the days we go out. We had a lot of fun with crafts this month. […]

June 18th, “Let’s play with the teachers at the Kodomoen!”

The first session of the “Multicultural Child Raising Salon” hosted by Toyota City in 2022 was &#8 […]

May Online Lesson Theme “Shapes”

Everyone loves “Shapes” class. First, we warmed up with the song “Let’s make shapes&#8 […]

April Online Class for Moms: Japanese with EHON

In April, we had an online class for mothers. Studied a little bit of Japanese using EHON. Sang Hiragana songs […]

March Online Lesson Theme “Flower”

Theme Flower🌼 It’s getting warmer and warmer. Various flowers have begun to bloom. We made tulips with o […]

February Online Lesson Theme “Snow”

Theme “Snow❄️” White, clammy, fluffy. What is this? Yes! Snow. Have you ever seen snow? In Februar […]

January Online Lesson Theme “New Year”

Theme “New Year” Happy new year!!Akemashite Omedetou!! We introduced Japanese “Oshogatsu&#82 […]

December Online Lesson Theme “Winter”

Theme “Winter” December is the month of Christmas!Read a Christmas picture book with animals and s […]