Apri 20  “Playing with Japanese @TIA”

We held our 1st multicultural child care salon event,”Playing with Japanese @TIA”, hosted by Toyota city on April 20th, 2023.

With the cooperation of the Toyota International Association (TIA), we were able to hold this event face-to-face for the first time in a while.

We will hold TIA class on a regular basis once a month from now on.

We hope that Bunpappa’s classes and events will provide a place where people can relax, chat with others, and share what you care about.

For the first meeting in three years, everyone came to Bunpappa for the first time!

Kids are energetic!!!

We played multilingual number games and got to know each other.

It was nice to see that the kids seemed to know a lot of the Japanese we were speaking.

While making crafts, “look”, “cut”, “paste”, “draw”.

What color do you like? “yellow”, “pink”, “red”, etc.

Big, small, cute, beautiful,

We talked a lot through our usual play.

We met with the Chinese and Vietnamese mothers.

They taught us the names of flowers and plants in their own languages.

We hope that not only the kids will enjoy themselves, but also the mothers will have a relaxing time. Please let us know how your children are doing at home, what you are concerned about in your daily life, and any problems you are having.

TIA has a wide range of information for people with foreign roots, including Japanese language classes, mother tongue retention classes, events for international exchange, and information on daily life.

Consultation in foreign languages is also available.

There is a lot of interesting information for Japanese people as well, so please visit TIA.

Thank you to everyone at TIA for sharing this information with us.


Although the multicultural child-rearing salon will be conducted in easy Japanese, we would like to know about your country.

Even if you don’t understand Japanese, it’s OK.

We will have picture books and music in your language ready and waiting for you.

Next, on May 21, let’s play in the park @Toyoshiba

Have fun at Toyoshiba (right next to Toyota City Station)!

In case of rain, the location of the event will be changed.

Please check our Facebook page before coming out.