24th June “Music & Art TOGETHER!”

We organize monthly multicultural parenting support events, hosted by Toyota City. This time we had the 3rd event, Music & Art TOGETHER!”at AIAI.

Everyone walks to the rhythm of the teacher’s call and the piano.

walk–> stop–> run–> stop–> walk like an elephant.

then give lots of hugs to Mom & Dad💗

Shaking the egg shaker, nobody can stop! 

It was so much fun, wasn’t it?

After reading “Mori no Ofuro” from a big picture book, kids get into the blue big bathtub with elephants, pigs, bunnies all together!

Kids play with colorful fluffy scarves on their heads and scrub their bodies in the bath.

Everyone has their own way of enjoying it.

After doing exercises, we play with handprints and footprints art using paints, bathtubs with animals they had just seen in the picture book.

Even the 0 year old baby made it with cute little animals.

The teachers were amazed at the unique works of art that were created.

Please display them at home, too!

Thank you for coming, from 0 year old babies to 6 year old ones.

We had a lot of fun playing with everyone, both Japanese and people from all over the world.

And kids and their fathers helped us a lot. It was a very meaningful activity.

Thank you for a wonderful time!

Nanairo egao



Next, on July 15,“Can we do ORIGAMI with Ms. Sharadi?”

@ Yanagisawaase Children’s Gathering Plaza (Nikoniko).

We will read foreign language picture books and play with ORIGAMI!

Let’s see what we can do!

For more information: plain Japanese


Click here to apply



Bunpappa events and classes are open to parents and children who do not speak Japanese or any other foreign language.

If you are interested in multiculturalism and exchange with people of foreign roots, please come and join us. 

Let’s have a fun time together🎵.


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