Dec 13 “Let’s learn about children’s food”

We held our 8th multicultural child care salon event, “Let’s learn about children’s food”, hosted by Toyota city on December 13th, 2022.With the help of our nutritionist, Dr. Idera, we were able to hold this event!

At first, we started with the usual “Hajimaru yo” song. Then we played with hands and read picture books. We read a picture book, “Tatkun-no Gohan” (“Tatku-kun’s Gohan”).

In the Question Corner, “What is the best time to start toddler food? “,”When is the best time to start eating meat?”,” What’s the best food for vitamin D?”, and “Is it safe to use baby food?”
Everyone asked a lot of questions!

One mother said, “My child has a food intolerance. What should I do?”. The teacher responded, “The reason he is so cautious is because he is smart! Don’t be in a hurry! If your child sees all the kids around him/her at daycare eating their yummy lunches, then naturally your child will be eating a lot of things too!

When raising children, everyone worries about many things. We’d be happy if our event could help you solve some of those problems, and help moms and dads enjoy raising their kids!

Next event is Feb 14th,”Parenting in a multilingual environment”🍀🍀
Let’s think about children’s language together!😊
I’ll be waiting for you!