September Online Lesson Theme “Greetings”

Theme “Greetings”

Good morning!
Goodbye!Thank you for the meal!

We tried various greetings.
When do you say which greeting words? How do you say that?
Please say these greetings every day!

Let’s enjoy greetings with the doll!
We made human-shaped dolls and animal-shaped dolls and practiced greetings.

It’s getting cooler little by little.
Autumn is coming soon.
What do you want to eat in the fall?
Sweet potatoes! !! !!
So, we made sweet potatoes by paper!

Did you enjoy this month as well?
In the free conversation time, we talked about “Something that made me happy recently!”.
So, everyone told a lot about their own happy episode!

My daughter said the word “Doggie”!

Finally finished potty training.

Children play together well

Younger daughter’s 1st birthday and
my son was happy to say that.

etc …
We were very happy to hear that everyone was happy (^^)

The theme for October is “Fall”
Let’s play together again!

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